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The Phoenix (Cymbals)

The Phoenix (Cymbals)

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The Phoenix 

The first cymbal pack from Robin Leijon in collaboration with AJ Viana.

11 Cymbals recorded through the most high end gear (API, UA, Neve, Chandler) by drummer AJ Viana at Sylar Sound Studios in Philadelphia, PA.

With 3000+ samples & 5GB+ in file size makes this a HUGE pack.
And with our advanced FCR engine and amount of detail taken while sampling, you will never have to be afraid to get a inhuman cymbal performance ever again.

Hear The Phoenix in a mix:

Hear The Phoenix in solo:

Example song is performed by Brand of Sacrifice.

Cymbal Info:
Hi Hat 1          - 14'' Zildjian New Beat
Hi Hat 2 & FX - 13'' Sabian HHX Groove Hats
Crash L          - 18'' Sabian HHX Studio Crash
Crash R         - 18'' Sabian AAX Stage Crash
China L          - 19'' Sabian Paragon China
China R         - 20'' Sabian HHX Chinese
Ride 1            - 21'' Zildjian Sweet Ride
Ride 2            - 22'' Sabian Metal Ride
FX Splash      - 10'' Sabian AAX Splash
FX Stack        - 12'' Sabian AA Mini China/12'' Zildjian A Custom Splash

All samples are a work of art created by Robin Leijon.
You MAY NOT sell these samples as a work of your own.
You may use these samples in a music, video, or film production.
You MAY NOT sell these samples (as a whole, or in part) within other libraries, sample sets, or products of any kind.

Included in this pack:

- NKI (Kontakt)

- File size: 5.43GB

Requires Kontakt v5.5.2 or later.

Don't have Kontakt? Don't worry, you can download a free version HERE

We regretfully state that, due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we are unable to issue a refund on any purchase of this product.
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