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The Sparrowhawk

The Sparrowhawk

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The Sparrowhawk & The Sparrowhawk LITE

Is a well sampled DW Collector's Series Kit sampled for ultimate versatility.
For this KIT a FREE LITE version is available that only contains ONE hand articulation for snare and less samples.

Hear The Sparrowhawk in a mix:

Hear The Sparrowhawk in solo:

Example song is performed by Awake The Dreamer.

- You like the cymbals? They're The Phoenix.

The FULL kit includes: 
- Snare Left & Right hand
- Up to 12 FCR groups of samples for ultimate realism to prevent any 'Machine-Gun'-like effect.

Mixing Info:
You should think about using parallel compression. I didn't include it in my samples due to the differences of processing each shell individually compared to having all shells & rooms sent to one parallel comp instance. 

This pack will come with processed samples.

 Shells Included:
- Kick           18x22
- Snare        13x7
- Rack Tom  12x9
- Floor Tom  16x13

All samples are a work of art created by Robin Leijon.
You MAY NOT sell these samples as a work of your own.
You may use these samples in a music, video, or film production.
You MAY NOT sell these samples (as a whole, or in part) within other libraries, sample sets, or products of any kind.

Included in this pack:

- NKI (Kontakt)
- TCI (Slate Trigger)
- 24bit, 44.1kHz WAV

Requires Kontakt v5.5.2 or later.

Don't have Kontakt? Don't worry, you can download a free version HERE

We regretfully state that, due to the irrevocable nature of digital goods, we are unable to issue a refund on any purchase of this product.
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